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On April 3rd 2018 queer creator Robert Watson and director Andrew Lamb release on Youtube the sexy new comedy web series A Gay Victorian Affair, a campy gay fantasia of historical homosexual hanky panky. Set in Victorian England, the series follows Lord Reginald and Lady Vanessa Favershum, a gay man and lesbian woman who enter into a marriage of convenience in order to keep their true desires a secret – and then they help each other hook up. It’s Downton Abbey meets Queer As Folk as Reginald and Vanessa manoeuvre through sexual escapades and dangerous secrecy, knowing that the slightest slip up could cause their entire world to come crashing down.

Completely self produced with stunning period sets and costumes, A Gay Victorian Affair stars Adrian Proszowski as Lord Reginald and Amanda Barker as Lady Vanessa, with Rebecca Perry and Robert Watson as trusty servants Agatha the maid and Henry the butler. Alex Plouffe, Brittany Kay and Daniel Krolik guest in the series, shot entirely at Toronto’s Historic Campbell House.

“The concept of a gay period piece is something an independent film maker would probably shy away from – I don’t know that anyone’s even thought to attempt it” says series director/producer Andrew Lamb, citing the costs involved with creating a realistic historical environment. “But this is a story that reflects so many realities of the Victorian time period in such a humorous way – I think the extra effort it took to make this series is going to be well appreciated by gay and straight audiences alike.”

A Gay Victorian Affair utilizes the delightfully dirty sexual slang of the Victorian era to great effect, meaning audiences can expect to hear lines like “You dirty Corinthian, I want to tear down those gas pipes and ride rantipole with your plugtail inside my back passage.” and many more suggestive phrases.

“Deciphering the colorful language of the series may be half the fun of watching A Gay Victorian Affair” series creator Robert Watson suggests. “but behind the unique features of this show lies a compelling story of friendship, survival and unquenchable queer desire. My hope is that audiences will watch and be thirsty for more”.

A Gay Victorian Affair is produced by LamWat and Theatre Awakening in Toronto, Canada, and can be viewed in its entirety at starting April 3rd, 2018. Follow A Gay Victorian Affair on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram: @GayVictorianAF

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